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CBD VIPs: the A-listers who swear by CBD

Lucy Stride

Everybody comes to Hollywood, they want to make it in the neighbourhood… Madonna can be called many things – and in some circles, she likely already has been – but Her Madgesty definitely got this right. Everybody – and everything - really does come to Hollywood. From fad diets to new trends, celebrities inadvertently act as something of a guinea pig for the rest of us. We let them try the newest thing and, if it works, we follow suit. If it doesn’t, well, tiny violins are played for the rich and famous. One such thing that came to Hollywood...

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The Mindful Muscle CBD Collection

What is CBD? Benefits and processes explained…

The Mindful Muscle Web Admin

The one thing everyone can agree on is that life is full of too much… everything these days. There are 12 step skincare regimes with ingredients that sound more like a spell from Harry Potter than something you want on your face. There’s too much choice when it comes to picking something to watch with a glass of wine at the end of the day – you just end up finishing the bottle before you’ve decided on a film. And there’s too much abbreviating going on. WFH. IRL. IYKYK. Well, TBH (sorry), we’ve decided to cut out the need for...

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