"I named our brand The Mindful Muscle because I felt you can be careful and strong. You can be thoughtful yet powerful. And that's what our products are. That's who we are"

– Lucy Stride.

From Our Founder, Lucy Stride


The Mindful Muscle has been built out of my genuine love for natural botanicals, my avid interest in plant healing, and a desire to raise awareness around mental health and support some incredible charities working in this field. 

But it is also much more than a just a wellness brand to me - this is a love letter to my children; my opportunity to try and support organic and sustainable farming techniques; a space to share honest and informed wellness and skincare tips; and most importantly an opportunity to develop effective formulations that can really make a difference to a customers wellbeing. All with a sprinkling of pink and a bit of a wink! 

My journey with CBD started about 5 years ago. I’d always been into fitness. But as with everything I did in my 20’s and 30’s, I went too hard and too fast. Bikram 5 times a week, Soul Cycle mad, straight off the plane to LA and into Barry’s Bootcamp. I worked out every day and obsessively. I even qualified as a PT for fun.. (Don’t do that by the way. Turns out those exams are HARD.) I pushed my body too far on a regular basis which along with the late nights, terrible working hours, kids that don't sleep past 5AM and a husband that constantly tours, led to a physical and mental burn out. 

Most significantly, I wasn't sleeping well at all. 

So then one day a friend in LA recommended I try CBD. I did my research, bought the best one I could find, and started the next day. For the first time in years I was getting 7-8 hours a night of good sleep. It was genuinely life changing. 

So for me my journey to taking a holistic approach to my health started with CBD. Plant healing crept into my life from that point on and is now firmly here to stay. 

I’m so happy you have found our brand and hopefully are about to begin a similarly transformative journey. Welcome my friend!

All my love, 

Lucy x 

Our brand values and ethics run right through the core of the business and impact every decision we make. 

From never testing on animals, to the inks used on our labels and cartons, to the cardboard selected, to the bottles our drops our housed in - we are constantly working to support ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Our Focus


Our CBD is housed in Miron violet glass - eco-friendly, made from natural materials, reusable and 100% recyclable. A unique biophotonic glass that extends shelf-life, thus reducing waste.


Our cartons are all fully recyclable, made from FSC certified materials (sourced from responsibly managed forests) and printed using non-toxic vegetable inks. 


Our mailers are all made from biodegradable and FSC certified materials, are industrially compostable, made in Europe, plastic-free, and fully recyclable. 


All our CBD is derived from organically grown and pesticide free Sativa L plants and we have full traceability on all our ingredients right back to the seed each plant was grown from.

Our oral tinctures are blended with organic MCT oil and natural botanical terpenes.



A holistic approach to wellbeing and beauty is at the core of everything we do at The Mindful Muscle. And encouraging and supporting our community in taking care of their mental health is an incredibly important part of that approach. 

We donate 5% of the profits from our CBD oral drops to Campaign Against Living Miserably, charity number 1110621.

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is taking a stand against suicide. That means standing against feeling rubbish, standing up to stereotypes, and standing together to show life is always worth living.

125 lives are lost every week to suicide. CALM exist to change this. They do it by provoking conversation, running life-saving services, and bringing people together so they reject living miserably, get help when they need it and don’t die by suicide.

CALM run a free, confidential and anonymous helpline as well as a webchat service, offering help, advice and information to anyone who is struggling or in crisis.